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Zanzibar, an archipelago in Tanzania off the coast of East Africa, embodies the beauty and wonder that our world has to offer. With its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and rich history, Zanzibar invites us to explore and appreciate the diversity of our planet. It is a reminder that there is so much to see and experience beyond our everyday routines. Let’s be inspired to embrace the wanderlust within us and seek out the unique and incredible places that this world has to offer. Zanzibar is just one of many wonders waiting to be discovered and cherished. Let’s go out and explore!

Full of natural attractions, beaches with warm waters, fine white sand and every shade of turquoise you can imagine, Zanzibar has a simple lifestyle, extremely welcoming and friendly people, and flawless cuisine (well, at least for who likes seafood).

The house boasts luxurious and stylish kitchen (& pantry) and dining areas fit to host a feast, marble countertops, glossy-finish cabinetry and all steel fitted kitchen appliances, a private office, WC, 3 luxurious ensuite guestrooms on the ground floor, 4 ensuite bedrooms on the first floor, cinema seating 12, a gallery overlooking the double height ceiling living room, gym, a master bedroom and a rooftop hosting area, all connected to the smart-home system.

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Introducing the unique Matewme beach line boutique Hotel – a rare gem set along the stunning coastline, encompassing an expansive 10,344 m2 plot of land. Beach line is 84 m.

Nestled among three charming bungalows, Matewme Beach Line Hotel is the perfect setting for an idyllic island escape. Guests are immediately greeted by the hotel’s tranquil atmosphere and lush surroundings, creating a sense of tranquility and exclusivity. With the possibility of expanding the facility with more bungalows, the potential for growth and increased revenues is enormous.

We present this beautiful, well designed open space beach villa in the popular town of Matemwe, in the north-eastern part of the island of Unguja in Zanzibar.

The villa is situated on a beachfront plot of 1500 sqm. The house has approx. 200 sqm, on the ground floor there is an openspace living room with a large kitchen and two independent bedrooms with their own bathrooms. There is a swimming pool on the terrace and the entire house is surrounded by a beautiful garden, where you can lie down in the shade of palm trees with a glass of wine or just jump into your own swimming pool ot the terrace.

1500 sqm plot / 200 sqm living area / 3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms


EUR 645.349,90
BTC  16,04490076
ETH 308,77668235

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Matemwe Villa

The villa is situated on a beachfront plot of 1500 sqm. On the ground floor of the house, with a total area of approximately 200 sqm, there is an open living room with a large kitchen and two independent bedrooms with their own bathrooms. A swimming pool is located on the terrace, and the entire house is surrounded by a beautiful garden where you can relax in the shade of palm trees with a glass of wine or take a dip in your own swimming pool on the terrace. Only one step away from the garden, there is a hidden door to the beautiful and wide beach with sand as fine as flour.

Best beaches in Matemwe

Mnemba Island

Get in touch with nature and explore lush landscapes on Mnemba Island during your trip to Matemwe. Stroll along the beaches and coastline in this relaxing area.

Muyuni Beach

If you want to relax during your trip to Matemwe, include Muyuni Beach in your itinerary. Stroll along the coast in this romantic area, or try the local seafood restaurants.

Kigomani Beach

How about spending a relaxed afternoon at Kigomani Beach during your trip to Matemwe? Stroll along the beaches and coastline in this relaxing area.

Selous Game Reserve

Safari tour in Zanzibar's Selous Game Reserve

Mnemba Island

Diving on Mnemba Island and Swimming with Dolphins

Quad bike tour

Cool quad bike tour in Zanzibar


Skydiving Zanzibar | Double Skydiving

Stone Town

Walking tour of Zanzibar's Stone Town

Beautiful hotel located in Fukuchani is available for sale.

It has 2 villas ( one has 4 rooms, which can take up to 10 guests, and the second one has 5 bedrooms, which can take up to 12 guests, each villa has private pool) and 2 bungalows with shared pool.

There is also a kitchen area, staff rooms and manager room + office

Land size is approximately 8000 sqm with about 100 m beach frontage. The big advantage is size of the plot, which gives opportunity of adding more bungalows, villas or rooms.

The minimum rate is 395$/ night per for 2 people- the charge could go up depending on the number of people staying on the villa.

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EUR 1.670.014,80
BTC 40,94805994
ETH 794,25769618

Introducing never miss out deal in Paje. This resort sits on 17700 sqm land with approximately 67 m beachfront and offers 5 luxury villas of between 3-4 bedrooms ( 17 bedrooms in total).

This property is situated in the most vibrant and touristic area in Zanzibar – PAJE. It is a town which offers nothing but a promising ROI in very few years of business. This is not just a town, but a must visit town for any visitors/ tourists.

  • 17700 sqm land
  • 67 m beachfront
  • 5 luxury villas
  • 17 bedrooms in total
  • situated in vibrant tourist
  • estination – Paje
  • garden and swimming pool
  • available for sale or for rent
  • rent price – 13.000 USD/ month

EUR 2.778.719,07
BTC 68,13302195
ETH 1.321,55655558

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Why invest in Zanzibar ?

ZIPA – Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority. Here are the the most frequent questions answered by ZIPA.

There are two stages to follow for applying investment certificate: The first stage is to fill investment intention form and submitted along with the concept note of the proposed investment project. Once the concept note is approved, the second stage is to provide the application form to the prospective investors for non refundable fees of USD 200. A filled application form should be submitted to ZIPA, accompanied with the copies of the following documents:

Ten (10) copies of business plan/feasibility study.

Proof of availability of fund.

Copy of main pages of passports, passport size photographs, curriculum Vitae (CV).

Police clearance certificate of all shareholders from country of residence and country of origin.

Certificate of incorporation.

Memorandum and article of Association.

Receipt of payment done for application form.

Any other document to support the application.

There are wide range investment opportunities from different sectors available in Zanzibar. These opportunities are available in Tourism, Manufacturing, Blue Economy, Energy, Agricultural, Real-estate development and others.

The minimum initial investment capital varies from one sector to another and foreigners to citizens. For hotel and real estate sectors, the minimum investment capital is USD 2,500,000 and USD 300,000 while other sectors is USD 300,000 and USD 100,000 for foreigners and citizens respectively.

ZIPA offers lucrative packages of incentives. These include fiscal and non fiscal incentives for investments under Free Economic Zones, strategic investments and investments outside the Free Economic Zones.

No the foreigner can not own the land according to The Land Tenure Act 1992. How ever the Act further provides the opportunity for the land to be leased to any person, Zanzibari or non-Zanzibari, intending to use that land for investment purposes subject to the approval of an investment project by ZIPA or other relevant authorities. The lease period goes up to 99 years.

The issuance of Work and Residence Permits is governed by the Employment Act No.11 of 2005 and the Immigration Act No.7 Cap 54 respectively. The Zanzibar Investment Promotion and Protection Act No.14 of 2018 provides an opportunity for the approved projects to employ expatriates in key positions that are determined by ZIPA. Through its One Stop Centre the work and resident permit are processed within 24 hours given all the supporting documents have been approved.

Yes ZIPA has the land for supporting investments, these land include five (5) free economic zones which are more incentivised Economic Regulations than any where else in the country. In addition to this ZIPA has also been handed over land banks which include over 50 Islets for investment.

Yes has five (5) designated areas for manufacturing and other investment, There are Amani Industrial Pack, Fumba Zone, Airport Free Port, Maruhubi Free Port and Micheweni Zone for Pemba.

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