Our Property Elevation Packages



  • KYC (know your customer) – access to identity and vetting system for potential buyers of your property.
  •  Due diligence if the buyer’s nationality matches the local compliance.
  • Preliminary proof of funds of buyers.
  • Custom promotional materials design.
  • Listing input into the global Immobilium database.
  • Digital media promotion of your property, targeted to tailored audiences internationally in select countries.



  • All as in Standard package +
  • AML (anti-money laundering) verification of buyers and their source of financing.
  • Definite proof of funds of buyers
  • Traditional media promotion activities (preparation of materials and execution)
  • Event-based promotions and direct marketing to potential buyers
  • Providing a gateway for crypto payments for transactions of up to $100m
  • Assistance with escrow, banking, and payment procedures for International payments



  • Premium Package Plus includes Global Exposure.
  • Reach buyers in 46 countries, 70 locations, and through a network of over 5,000 agents.
  • Financing options available for international buyers.
  • Gain exposure via exclusive Investor events, Conventions, and Pop-up Real Estate stores around the world.
  • Advertise on International Radio stations, Magazines, and various places of community gatherings.
  • Attract qualified buyers from specific countries through pre-profiling and targeted campaigns via our established networks in Dubai, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, and Switzerland.
  • We offer assistance with POA, Embassies, and local officials to ensure a smooth due process.
  • Receive assistance with EB5 and E2 visas for buyers, making your offers more attractive.
  • Money-Back Guarantee! If we do not deliver a buyer, we will refund the funds.


World Brokerages

We are the service that actively hunts buyers, conducts presentations, evaluates sellers first, and strives to match them with the right buyers. There are many crucial factors that are often disregarded in this process, but we prioritize these. 

As a global real estate market company operating in 46 countries and expanding, we have relationships with 70 world brokerages and access to over 5,000 agents to whom we can showcase your property.

Secure Transactions

Ensures secure & transparent transactions: KYC/AML checks, escrow services, streamlined crypto exchange.

Global Reach

Expands your international exposure: Strategic listing promotion, embassy assistance, multilingual support.

Streamlined Process

Efficient & authentic proof of funds verification, tailored visa programs, hassle-free banking procedures.

Seller Reporting

Keeps you informed & empowered: Transparent communication, detailed weekly progress updates.

Screenshot 2024-05-29 135203

Selling a property in this economy is more than a challenge. You might think that simply choosing the top agency and an agent with a superb track record guarantees success. However, it’s not as straightforward as you may think. Agents can be likened to car salesmen. They may have extensive networks and connections and might seem impressive initially, but once their resources are exhausted, your property becomes just another listing scattered across the Internet. 

You cannot find a buyer, especially for luxury-style properties, by hoping someone will Google you. You need to actively sell your properties where the buyers are. You need to target them, approach them, and be in their faces all the time. You need to turn a “buy-curious” person into a “buy- ready” one, and that’s exactly what Immobilium Buyers Service does.

There is no point, for example, in offering properties from Brazil to German agents who are not of Latin American origins or somehow connected to Brazilian communities. Therefore, based on our questionnaire, we will be able to pick the properties from our global portfolio and assign them to you. You will have your own Agent’s page with all your contact information (of your choosing). That means we are not hiding you; we are embracing you as an agent.
Our service does not interfere with your agency’s work since you are not promoting your competitors (unless you wish to do so).

Our Our Listing Is Your Listing Method Helps Sellers Like You, Reach International Buyers Worldwide ​

Unlike traditional real estate agencies, where agents can only sell properties that belong to their own company, on Immobilium, agents and Sellers can post any property they want for buyers to see and purchase. This means that regardless of which Global Brokerage one agent represents, they can still make money by helping a buyer purchase a property that’s listed by another agent or company on the Immobilium platform. We call this feature “Our listings are your listings”. This makes it easier for buyers to find the property they want, and it gives agents more opportunities to earn money by helping buyers find and purchase the right property.

Will your listings be promoted?

Get your own profile on our website.

You will have your own Agent’s page with all your contact information (of your choosing). That means we are not hiding you; we are embracing you as an agent. Our service does not interfere with your agency’s work since you are not promoting your competitors
(unless you wish to do so).




Your Property Gets promoted in various events Immobilium is partnered with.
See the promotional events happening in 2024.

Expo Real​

  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Dates: October 7-9, 2024
  • Description: A leading trade fair for the commercial property sector in Europe.

Real Estate Summit

  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dates: June 12-13, 2024
  • Description: An annual event focusing on the Portuguese and Iberian real estate markets.

Cityscape Global

  • Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai
  • Dates: September 16-18, 2024
  • Description: One of the largest real estate events in the Middle East, featuring a variety of exhibitors, investors, and key industry players.

ArencoRes (Greece)

Property Weekly (Dubai)



Magazine Partners



Rádio Renascença

Events Partners

NOS Alive (Portugal)

Lisbon-based festival features a global lineup across various genres.


Release Athens (Greece)

Major Athenian festival caters to a wide audience with its diverse lineup of international and Greek artists across rock,


RedFestDXB (Dubai)

Featuring international pop and urban music stars,


We are Trending In The News

International Buyers Market

By using local agents as part of the promotion. We manage interactions with agents by offering them internal referral fees, and you, as a seller, don’t need to lift a finger. We cater to local communities and try to match buyers to their origins.




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